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We believe in treating our employees with respect and offering opportunities for growth and development, and we are committed to creating a great culture that values diversity, inclusion, and teamwork. If you are looking for a career with a company that values its employees and has a great culture, Metropolitan Strategies & Solutions is the place for you.

A Dynamic & Inclusive Environment

At Metropolitan Strategies & Solutions, you'll join a dynamic, fast-paced team that values your unique perspectives and contributions. We're a small company where your opinion genuinely matters. Our leadership is actively involved at every level, fostering a culture of inclusivity and openness. We embrace the concept of radical candor, caring for them individually while challenging them directly to create an environment where feedback is both kind and transparent, allowing everyone to grow and thrive.

We're a 100% remote team, providing you with the flexibility to balance work and personal life. We believe in coming together to spark ideas and strengthen our team's bond, so we regularly organize in-person meet-ups with travel expenses covered. We operate as a team of peers, with a reduction in hierarchy to speed up decisions, increase information sharing, and create a network of interconnected teams that seek input from others to foster creativity and productivity.

Empowering Your Growth & Passion

We're not just about work; we're about passion. We target opportunities our team is enthusiastic about, working on thought-provoking projects that inspire and challenge us daily. Each Friday, we hold inspiration and innovation meetings to collaborate on new ideas and technological opportunities, fostering an environment that encourages constant learning and growth. We constantly seek continuous growth, from the individual, team, to the organization level, investing in professional development and contributing to the growth of others. Our shared ownership mentality means we approach each project as if it's our own, with a commitment to excellence and a willingness to pitch in and help our team members.

Comprehensive Benefits & Balance

Joining Metropolitan Strategies & Solutions comes with an array of benefits. We provide our employees with five and a half weeks of paid time off each year, understanding the importance of recharging and pursuing personal interests. We double up on certain holidays, allowing you to create even more memorable moments and enjoy extended rest periods. We offer 100% health benefits for our full-time employees, a 3% automatic 401k contribution to help secure your future, and we believe in holistic compensation and pay to reward your hard work and dedication. We also offer flexible schedules, understand that work is just one part of our lives, and prioritize intentional rhythms of rest and work to ensure everyone's well-being.

If you are ready to make a difference and be part of a team that values passion, collaboration, personal growth, and embraces a vibrant company culture, explore our current openings and take the first step towards a rewarding career with Metropolitan Strategies & Solutions.

Current Openings:

Remote Data Analyst

  • Help create and maintain dashboards in PowerBI for a large state public health agency.

  • Assist with data-based strategy and communicate findings to clients.

Site Coordinator

  • Assist with creating and maintaining dashboards in PowerBI for a large state public health agency.

  • Support data-based strategy and communicate findings to clients.

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