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Jaz is the Senior Strategy and Analytics Consultant at Metropolitan Strategies and Solutions, a Veteran and Black-owned technology consulting and community outreach firm that supports local government agencies.

Jaz has over eight years of experience helping small businesses and startups solve data issues by streamlining processes and telling meaningful stories with visualizations and reporting. Her career is focused on providing excellent strategic guidance in identifying trends by gathering data and creating impactful KPIs for data-driven decision-making. Jaz has worked with and collaborated on projects ranging from startups and small businesses to large firms and internationally-recognized organizations in various fields, from sports and brand licensing to environmental engineering and climate change.


Jaz recently graduated with her master's degree in Engineering Management with a specialization in Environmental Engineering, Systems Analysis, and Public Policy from The Johns Hopkins University. At Hopkins, she focused on building healthier living and working spaces with sustainable materials.


She’s also a STEM graduate from The Florida State University with a professional background in Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Leadership Studies.

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