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Kiara is the Director of Community Engagement specializing in community outreach, field managing and voter contact. From serving as a Voter Contact Specialist in Washington, D. C. Mayoral elections since 2014; to being contracted through the City of St. Louis, Mo. coordinating community outreach for the City’s exploration of the Federal Aviation Administration Airport Privatization Pilot Program for the St. Louis-Lambert International Airport - Kiara’s work with Metropolitan Strategies & Solutions has garnered her a reputation as being well-versed in community organizing, local politics, and voter contact.

Kiara specializes in support for local governments and communities to promote social change. Kiara’s ongoing professional services include working with local leaders, facilitating coalitions, and assisting in the development of critical governmental & related campaigns. Her professional community outreach services are proven to be critical in organizing groups for petitioning to influence government decision making; encompassing both the creation and management of canvassing teams collecting information on public issues and propositions impacting local government decisions. Kiara has augmented her specializations to include IT, Accounting, Finance and HR recruitment. Kiara’s IT and industrial/engineering recruitment specializes in bringing together talented technology professionals and the companies that need their skills.

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