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Streamlining the Process

A state department chose MSS to provide custom solutions for reviewing, validating, and

reporting staffing vendor-submitted invoices. Due to limited human resources and the

added stress caused by COVID-19, financial audits required user-friendly, efficient, and thorough templates.


During the multiple COVID-19 surges, the department had limited capacity to review

invoices from staffing agencies, which included information for hundreds of travel nurses at approximately $1.8 billion in total volume. As a result, the invoice review and validation process was inefficient, manual, and lacking rigor.

​​Our team analyzed the critical components of the invoice review process and structured

the needs for invoice validation according to the three-way match principle. We

developed a set of invoice review templates to meet validation reporting requirements for efficient data-driven decision-making.​

​​Our efforts cut the average invoice review time by 60%, allowing the department to save

on labor costs and efficiently support hospitals during the COVID-19 surge. As a result, the department's leadership fully understood the process and could make data-driven decisions. Our work helped the department reduce financial risks and increase reliability for future audits.

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