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Our Capabilities

Whether you need to plan and implement a new technology project, analyze data to inform decision-making, engage with your community, or manage change, we have the skills and expertise to help you succeed. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your organization's needs.

Data Analytics & Human-Centered Design

Successfully translating vast amounts of data into actionable information requires an engineer's technical precision and an artist's creativity. 

Our clients are inundated with data, and correctly interpreting it presents significant challenges. At MSS, we transform complex data into information that is useful for our clients by managing, curating, and investigating data. We apply advanced statistical techniques to separate the signal from the noise.

However, you can develop the most advanced analytics solution, but if it doesn’t answer the right question and the users don’t understand it, there is no value to your organization. That’s why human-centered design is at the core of MSS’ approach.

We offer:

  • Generative Artificial Intelligence.

  • Budget and Economic Forecasting.

  • Predictive Modeling.

  • Business Intelligence.

  • Data Integration and Pipelines.

  • Data Governance.

MSS Partner, Michael Taylor, elucidates our human-centered design approach in product development.

We collaborate with our clients in the design process to define key questions and deeply understand their challenges and objectives.


We apply rapid prototyping to help turn ideas into realistic proofs-of-concept to get feedback early and often. By focusing on our clients’ needs and understanding their challenges, we develop solutions that are intuitive, elegant, and useful.

Our Unique Approach


We work closely to understand our client's operations and goals, using our change management expertise to champion transformation.


Our analytics drive actionable data insights and turn complex data into clear takeaways. We deliver advanced modeling, predictive analytics, and trend analysis.

Human-Centered Design

We use human-centered design and design thinking to guide our work. We focus on the user's needs and iterate until excellence.



We provide world-class, interactive analytics training to increase the adoption of new technology within your organization.

Product Visioning

We provide an immersive ideation session facilitated by subject matter experts to identify game-changing analytics for your organization.

Rapid Prototyping

Experience in turning ideas into realistic proofs of concept that look and function like the final product to gather user feedback quickly.

Community Outreach Services

We are passionate about using our expertise and resources to positively impact the communities we serve.


By working closely with community groups and business organizations, we can identify and address society's most pressing challenges.


We gather insights through the following:

  • Case Study Surveys.

  • Focus Groups.

  • Canvassing & Engagement.

  • Digital Outreach.

  • Events & Festivals.

  • Community Partnerships.

We ask creative questions, uncover themes, and communicate the community’s vision with clarity and style.  

We use digital marketing and public relations methods to connect with and engage community members.


We have a team of experts in film, editing, and production to create high-quality content that helps spread our message. 

Program Management Services

With our extensive local experience and data-driven approach, we can offer various program management services to ensure our clients can effectively leverage technology to meet their goals.

Our program management services include:

  • Strategic Planning & Development.

  • Organizational Development.

  • Business Transformation.

  • Diversity & Inclusion Program Compliance.


We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and challenges and develop customized solutions to help them succeed.

Whether assisting an agency in developing a long-term technology roadmap or supporting them in making significant changes to their business processes, we are committed to delivering results that drive real value.

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