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Jessica Modique Headshot.png

Jessica Modique

Jessica Modique is a dedicated Site Coordinator at Metropolitan Strategies and Solutions (MSS), where she leverages her expertise in emergency management and humanitarian relief operations. With a robust background, a master's degree, and over ten years of military experience, Jessica brings a wealth of knowledge in logistics, operations, and public affairs. Her adeptness in crisis management and organizational leadership underscores her role as a pivotal team member, embodying the core values of discipline, resilience, and effective communication that she honed during her military tenure.

Jessica's commitment to emergency management and humanitarian relief is evident through her focused efforts on supporting vulnerable communities and ensuring operational continuity across all site vendors. Her proactive risk mitigation and efficiency optimization approach has been critical to our emergency response initiatives. Furthermore, Jessica pursuing a Master of Business Administration degree has further enriched her skill set, enhancing MSS's capabilities in managing complex emergencies.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Jessica is deeply passionate about running marathons, her service in the US Army, and engaging in cultural immersion experiences. These activities reflect her dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion and highlight her resilience, leadership, and selfless service. Jessica Modique's blend of professional expertise and personal commitment positions her as a dynamic force capable of driving meaningful change within MSS and the broader community.

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