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Navigating Uncertainty

During the COVID-19 pandemic, MSS provided analytics support to key emergency

management agencies. We transformed a labor-intensive, manual reporting process into

a fully-automated data pipeline using Google Cloud Platform and Tableau with

integrations from over 40 data sources. We also designed, built, and managed a daily

COVID-19 response dashboard, providing daily critical situational awareness to over

1,500 City Leaders.​

COVID-19 presented a dynamic and high-stakes situation that strained the ability to

understand the pandemic’s impact accurately. The shift to remote work disrupted the

usual situational reporting mechanisms. Additionally, COVID-19 response and recovery

data sources constantly evolved in accessibility, reliability, and meaning. MSS provided end-to-end reporting products, wireframed solutions, developed dashboards and

automated data pipelines, and created ad hoc analyses to answer emerging questions.​

We also conducted sessions with leadership to understand their questions and provide

insights regularly. Throughout this process, we crafted transformative solutions that

smoothly transitioned into operations and modeled an agile team dynamic that the

agency later formalized as the Emergency Data Team. We also provided dashboard

templates and data visualization training to ensure that future emergencies would benefit

from these improvements.

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