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Structured Success

A state board recently engaged MSS to review and assess its governance structure,

related administrative policies, activities, and business processes. As a relatively new and evolving organization, the agency needed MSS to conduct a high-level

organizational assessment, collect pain points, and develop policy roadmaps to inform

future state recommendations. ​

​​The department received funding to build an administrative organization and needed to

align itself with incorporating the new section and updating its policies, processes, and governance structure to ensure efficiency in its operations. Our team identified a clear organizational structure and relevant policies to support the department's ability to function independently. We assessed the department's baseline structure, policies, and processes to identify appropriate recommendations. These recommendations

empowered the agency to improve HR operations and implement transformative


We reduced overlapping duties among staff, developed mission and vision statements,

then refined business processes and reporting by implementing a Matrix Organizational

Structure. Our work helped the department better serve its stakeholders and achieve its


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