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World Class Client Service

A State Workforce Development Agency engaged MSS to modernize its workforce

insurance programs and focus on giving claimants an exceptional customer experience.

Modernization of the claimant experience was an important goal for the agency after the

impact of COVID on its public image and operations.​

​​The agency's unemployment insurance, disability insurance, and paid family leave

programs faced various customer experience challenges, including a confusing benefits

process, long lags until payment, and call centers with long wait times and low success

rates. MSS created a future-state claimant journey map based on industry-leading

customer experience practices, interviews and data from claimants, and workshops with

agency staff. This map defined an exceptional customer experience at every interaction

and guided the agency’s transformation efforts.​

Due to MSS's efforts, the agency secured approximately $1.2B in legislative funding and is now equipped with clear customer experience goals, implementation steps, and

recommendations. The agency is confident that these efforts will help it serve its

stakeholders better and improve its public image.

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